Séamus met Karim in 2016, they bonded around shared beliefs in edge AI, not following the crowd, and the joys of building a startup.  Together Séamus and Karim provide business and technology leadership.  Seamus has over twenty years’ experience building businesses around new technology as CEO, executive or board member.  He was implementing distributed object-oriented securities trading systems in the 1990s, big data systems before they were cool, one of the first large-scale enterprise SAS systems, and spent six years managing venture backed technology businesses in China.  Séamus is a lead mentor for TechStars Mobility, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.  Seamus holds honors degrees in Computer Science and Finance from the University of Manchester in England.  When not working he can be found riding dirt bikes with his two children, taking a Hot Vinyasa class, or playing with in increasing array of power tools.